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What should a bride's fan be like?

Like her bouquet, her shoes or her hair accessories, a bride's fan can also be an important and original accessory that further emphasizes the bride's style.

A bride can actually be quite creative when choosing her fan for the "very special day".

Outside of the religious ceremony, a fan can even be indispensable, just think of a wedding in one of the hot summer months. A fan is essential here if only to avoid losing all the makeup. Fans can be covered with lace, bobbin lace or silk and decorated with feathers or tulle. The ribs of a fan are often made of natural wood, ivory or mother-of-pearl, more rarely silver. Many bridal fans bear the initials and the date of the wedding day. If the fan leaf is provided with a certain motif, a phrase, a poem or a place, things that reflect what the bridal couple have in common, a bridal fan becomes very special and individual. Symbols that wish the bridal couple luck and wealth can also be inserted.

fans and wedding customs

Unlike the bridesmaids' or other guests' fans, bridal fans are generally white. However, the bride can add a touch of color, for example by choosing a model that matches the color of your shoes. In keeping with the popular custom of “wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue on the wedding day”, the fan is also the ideal accessory here. A bridal fan in a sensual light blue follows this beautiful tradition and is at the same time a real eye-catcher.

The fan as the bride's perfect ally

Weddings are always associated with great emotions. Many brides cannot hold back their tears of happiness. A bridal fan can be the perfect ally in such a situation, helping the bride to “hide” her emotions and tears, at least for a moment. It's definitely more elegant than a crumpled handkerchief. The fan can be worn on a ribbon on the bride's wrist, so both hands are free, but the fan is immediately available at any time. Together with the bridal bouquet and the veil, the fan is a wonderful accessory for a bride and can be used not only as an ornament but also in many ways a very useful object.

In our shop we offer fans for brides

A fan can be made from a wide variety of materials and artistically customized to reflect the bride's characteristics and preferences. Depending on the materials used, the fan costs between 80 and 225 euros.

Fans for the wedding from our collection

Two lace bridal fans

Our "Lace Fan" model is made of openwork pear wood with a beautiful light grain. Two different patterns of ornaments, blossoms and leaves form the basis for a white lace covering. Perfect for any bride who wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day.

Wedding fan hand fan bride

Fan for the bride made of delicate lace

The name of our fan "Delicate Lace" cannot describe it better. This finely crafted fan has expressive openings in the lacquered high-quality wood and is covered with delicate white lace. A wedding dream for every bride with style.

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Premium fans for the bride

This wedding model was made of nacarina - a successful imitation of mother-of-pearl. Elaborate openings with a silver bracket and white tassel ensure its perfection. An exceptional fan for an exceptional bride.

Wedding fan hand fan bride

Fans for wedding guests

Our "Heartbreaker" fan is not only suitable for the bride, but also for her bridesmaids and other guests. The fan is made of white lacquered wood punctuated with small hearts. It doesn't cost much and still makes a good impression.

Wedding fan hand fan guests