A little craft in my purse

I always take my fan with me in my purse

In addition to my mobile phone, my wallet and handkerchiefs, I always have one of my compartments in my handbag. I can't do without my fan. All the fans I own are completely handcrafted, from removing the sticks from the wood to covering the fan blade and painting it. Each fan is therefore something very special and a small handicraft simply by its production. It's a nice feeling to always have such a small masterpiece with you. I leave the house with the expectation that today will also be a special one. Even if it's sometimes the little things that make my day something special. Like a talisman, only my fan is also a craft.

The art of making handmade fans

Nowadays it is hard to find workshops that still carry out the entire production of the hand fan.

This is something that was already lost many years ago when manufacture gave way among artisans and family workshops, who originally did all the production, to artists, artisans and workshops specialized in specific tasks: engravers, setters, painters, fitters. .. In this way, a fan was made by different craftsmen in different workshops.

Above all, the restoration of old hand fans involves careful study and precise analysis of every detail. This allows learning how people worked in the past and inspires to create new pieces that capture the classic and beautiful of other times.

Passion is the secret of a fan craftsman. A passion for these beautiful objects that reveal stories about the different stages of their creation by the most diverse craftsmen, that invites you to discover, live and love this wonderful world of colours, patterns, fabrics, woods and even smells, to reconnect with it generate new stories and anecdotes.