Interview with Maria

The hand fan shop talks to a fan lover

HFS: Hello Maria, nice that you took some time to chat with us. How did you find out about the hand fan shop?

Maria: I came across the hand fan shop through a friend. She saw your stand at a market in Berlin. She was looking for a gift for another friend and was very enthusiastic about your subjects. She then browsed your shop online and discovered many other beautiful models there, because you only brought a selection to the market.

HFS: Are you a fan of subjects?

Maria: I think subjects are great. You can use them for so many different things. They're super useful in summer to keep you cool on hot days, but they're also kind of a fashion accessory. Depending on the color and design, you can combine them with earrings, shoes or nail polish and conjure up a stunning outfit. I'm also a dancer and sometimes work with fans while dancing. I also have some of my fans at home for decoration. For example, I have a particularly original one from Menorca, where I once went on vacation. So my visitors can see right away that I'm a little globetrotter (laughs).

HFS: What do you particularly like about the hand fan shop?

Maria: I find the variety of your offer really amazing. You have so many different models that you want to buy them all at once. And each fan has its own unique beauty and history. I also like the elegant design of your shop and the intuitive navigation. You don't have to search much and you can access your various collections with just one click.

I am also very enthusiastic about the regular promotions and offers of the hand fan shop. You can always save some money there. I think the promotion for Valentine's Day is great. You buy 2 fans and get a surprise fan for free.

HFS: Do you have a favorite subject?

Maria: Mhhmm, I have to think about that. (brief silence). So I don't have a specific favorite subject. But I particularly like the fans with floral motifs. They always fit (laughs).

HFS: Dear Maria, thank you very much for the interview. Have a nice day and see you next time.
Maria: I'd love to. Bye